The curriculum for class I to XII is as prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi. The School offers courses in Science and Commerce at the Senior Secondary level.


Subjects dealt with in the school

A course in "Human Values" is taught to students to all the classes. The class-wise details of other subjects are as below:


Primary Classes - I to VIII

  1.     English

  2.     Hindi

  3.     Sanskrit/Telugu

  4.     Mathematics

  5.     Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology from VI to VIII).

  6.     Social Studies (History, Civics and Geography)

  7.     Drawing and painting

  8.     Work Experience

  9.     Physical Education and Games

  10.     Music

  11.     General Knowledge


Secondary Classes - IX & X

  1.     English

  2.     Sanskrit

  3.     Mathematics

  4.     Science (Physics, Chemistry and Life Sciences)

  5.     Social Sciences (History, Civics/Economics, Geography)

  6.     Health and Physical Education

  7.     Work Experience

  8.     Art Education:

  9.     Gardening, Paper Cutting, Needle work etc.


Senior Secondary Classes - XI & XII



    Compulsory: English Language (Core English)

    Different Combinations offered:

    Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology

    Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Computer Science.
    Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics , Language(Hindi, Telugu, Sanskrit)

    Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Language(Hindi, Telugu, Sanskrit)



    Compulsory: English Language (Core English) 

    Different Combinations offered:

    Business Studies, Accountancy,Economics, Mathematics

    Mathematics, Accountancy, Economics, Informatics

    Mathematics, Accountancy, Economics, Language(Hindi, Telugu,Sanskrit)

    Business Studies, Accountancy, Economics, Language(Hindi, Telugu,Sanskrit)


    Work Experience, General studies, Health and Physical Education are common for all the groups.